Play Outside the Box with Savanna

Play Outside the Box with Savanna

Hi! Need some more ideas on how you can take your play even further with the Savanna Box?  Well you've come to the right place! Take a look at these fun ideas and try some for yourself. Remember the only rule at Fair & Square Kids is Play Your Own Way! Don't forget to share your awesome out of the box thinking with us @fairandsquarekids



Wonder more!

saᐧvanᐧna - a grassy plain in the tropical and subtropical regions, with few trees. 

Did you know the lion isn’t really the king of the jungle? He doesn’t even live in the jungle! He’s the King of the Savanna! ROAR!

The Serengeti in East Africa is home to the largest animal migration in the world. The Great Migration involves the movement of about 2.5 million animals each year! 

Savannas cover almost half the surface of Africa and are called “transitional biomes” which means they are somewhere in between a desert and a forest, no wonder they are such interesting places! 


Play more!

What about the people in your box? Who are they and what are they doing? What does an average day look like for them?

How many animals can you stack in your box?

Use your building disks to make an enclosure for all the animals and invite the people to visit your animal sanctuary.

What do the animals in your box have in common? How are they different? 

Explore more! 

Can you use the felt, twine and beads to make some art for your room? 

Put some corn back in one of the jars (or in a paper towel roll- just don’t forget to tape the ends!) to make a rain shaker.

Did you know that there are 48 countries in Africa and each one is so diverse! What can you learn about an African country? Conduct a little research and make your own map. 

Take your animals on safari around your house. What can you see where you live? How does it look different from the savanna habitat?

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