Play Outside the Box with Winter

Play Outside the Box with Winter

Hi! Need some more ideas on how you can take your play even further with the Savanna Box?  Well you've come to the right place! Take a look at these fun ideas and try some for yourself. Remember the only rule at Fair & Square Kids is Play Your Own Way! Don't forget to share your awesome out of the box thinking with us @fairandsquarekids


Wonder more!

Most holidays are celebrated in winter, why do you think that is?

Did you know that it can even snow in places like the desert and Hawaii?

Whether we have winter or summer all depends on which way the Earth’s axis tilts. That’s why, for example, it is winter in Australia when it is summer in North America.

The snowiest city in the world is Aomori City, Japan. They get an average of 26 feet/8 meters a year.(To give you an idea, 26 feet is taller than a giraffe!)


Play more!

Can you make your snowman look like he’s melted? What makes a snowman melt? 

What would happen if your arctic animals met your snowman? What would they talk about?

Use your ice cream cone and dough and make a yummy dessert full of “treats” 


Explore more! 

Trace your wooden snowflakes to make a wintery pattern all over your box.

Put some gems back in the jar and shake them to create a steady beat to make a song.

Your buttons are real buttons! What items in your home have buttons? What size and shape are they? What else can you do with buttons?

Unwrap the mini presents and use the foam cubes, the wrapping and the string to create a cozy area for your animals. 


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