Our Story

We are Ori and Kim. We are moms, sisters-in-law (and in heart), wives, educators, soccer coaches, dog walkers, advocates, entrepreneurs and we are Fair & Square Kids.  

Over the past 20 years, we have been through so much and have supported each other through the most amazing and most difficult moments of parenting and life. The one constant, other than the support of each other, has been the joy of watching our kids play.

Being teachers, we know the enormous benefits of open-ended, unstructured and creative play and have spent years creating opportunities for our children to explore, experiment and create through play. In these moments we see our kids experience success, gain confidence, discover a sense of wonder, and use their imagination. It was in creating these unstructured play activities for our own kids that we realized the need to share them with kids everywhere, and that is how Fair and Square Kids was born! 


Invite Kids to Be Themselves

Through parenting our four kids and teaching hundreds, we know without a doubt that every child is different and amazing. Every day, we look at our students and our own children and see such curiosity, creativity, imagination and uniqueness. As kids grow and change, we know it is critical to create a space where they can thrive in their differences. We are constantly seeking ways to help kids be themselves knowing that, if given the opportunity, every child can gain the confidence to explore their own potential with incredible results. 


The Power of Creative/Innovative Thinking

As teachers we know how important it is to foster innovative and creative thinking in children. The world we live in is changing. If we want kids to be ready for this world we need them to build the skills that will help them succeed. Let’s teach kids to ask questions, wonder, and seek answers. Offering unstructured play does just that! It offers kids the space to practice thinking outside the box and stretch their creative muscles. Open play offers them a safe space to try, fail, and try again. This helps them build confidence, an attitude of perseverance, and the ability to innovate.


The Power of Unstructured Play/Out of the Box Thinking Opportunities 

As moms we’ve seen the impact that open, creative, hands-on play has had on our own children. When our children are given the space to play freely we see them immersed in a world all their own. Focused, relaxed, happy, and entertained! What they experience is hours of play that unlocks their creativity, fosters imagination, gets them asking questions and wondering about the world around them. For our children with learning differences and neurodiversities, we know this play is not only beneficial but critical in helping them manage their feelings. Unstructured play provides them an opportunity where no one is telling them what to do, no strict instructions to follow that could end in tears if a step is missed but just enough items, tools and guidance to get started. We also see that when the content is chosen wisely, open play can provide an opportunity to stretch the brain and do some outside of the box thinking. These are the moments where our kids don’t feel like a square peg in a round hole and thrive knowing it’s okay to play their own way. 


Hands On Entertainment For All Kids

Now more than ever, kids need a reason to walk away from the screen. They need to be encouraged to play and create. We know how hard it is to find meaningful activities that will occupy your kids and stimulate their brains. Being a caregiver is hard work and we know that sometimes you need time for yourself. Play Your Own Way Boxes are designed to allow kids to play on their own with minimal help. As moms with young children and children with learning differences, this was extremely important to us. We want all kids to feel successful and to nurture their sense of wonder and imagination at the same time. Unstructured play is for everyone, no matter your age or ability. 


Hey Parents and Caregivers!

We make these boxes for you, the caregivers! They are for you, when you are exhausted, being pulled in a million different directions and looking for something to keep your child busy! They are for you, when you are looking for an activity that offers content you can feel good about, enriches your child’s play, and inspires them to think and wonder well beyond the box. 

Hey Kids!

We make these boxes for you – the kids! They are for you when you are looking for an activity that will get you creating, exploring and imagining. They are for you, so you can use all that wonderful brain power and potential that is unique to you!


We, at Fair and Square Kids, are working on changing the way we play and we’d love you to join us. Together we can help kids be exactly who they are; curious, creative, innovative thinkers who are going to change the world. We invite you to come along and Play Your Own Way!

Kim & Ori