Our Story


We are Ori and Kim. We are moms, sisters-in-law (and in heart), wives, teachers, soccer coaches, dog walkers, advocates, entrepreneurs, and we are Fair & Square Kids. 

As the moms of four young children, we are constantly on the hunt for activities that get our kids off screens, get them using their brains in a different way and offer some good repeat play value. Basically, something that can keep them interested and having fun and that we can feel good about too. 

Over the past 10 years, we’ve bought a huge variety of toys, books, games and subscription boxes and it has always been a struggle to find options with the right balance of education and fun. We found that the truly educational projects often required lots of help from us or didn’t really feel all that fun for our kids and the activities that our kids did enjoy and could do independently, lacked the educational piece we were looking for and left us wondering what we had spent our money on!

So, we would often end up combining the items we had with our own creations, ideas and activities so we could offer our kids the unique learning and play experiences that we (and they!) were looking for but of course, that all took a lot of time, and money!

Then one day we asked ourselves, “Why isn’t there a subscription box that does it all? We can’t possibly be the only parents looking for this?!” And the light bulb went off.

We decided to create a subscription box that was the best of both worlds.

We knew we wanted to create a subscription box that was both educational and fun, filled with activities that a child could explore fairly independently. We knew we wanted creative hands-on activities that got all kids thinking big and experiencing success, including kids with learning differences and neurodiversities.  

We wanted to avoid projects with strict instructions and one specific way to complete them and instead looked for and created items that encouraged kids to play however they wanted. These activities also needed to have lasting and repeat play value.  We didn’t want a bunch of finished products that would end up collecting dust on a shelf, or leftover bits that would end up in a landfill. 

Finally, we wanted parents to feel empowered too, knowing that they could find something that grew their child’s brain, was fun and had real value. We wanted to take the pressure off the search and give parents a complete learning and play experience in one place. If we, as parents and teachers, welcomed this idea, we knew others would too!

And so that is how Fair and Square Kids was born! 

Now, to say that this has been a challenge, would be an understatement! Creating and developing a company while living in two different countries, during a pandemic with ongoing global shipping issues has presented a unique set of circumstances for two teachers turned entrepreneurs!

The amazing part though, has been that at every step of the process, we think about all the kids who will get these amazing boxes, and it just feels right. Knowing that we can deliver our boxes right to their doorstep, means we can reach more kids than we ever could in our classrooms.

We wholeheartedly believe, when you teach a child to think big, they do big things!

Kim & Ori